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Skopje VIP services, Skopje is the capital and largest city of Macedonia. It is the country's political, cultural, economic, and academic centre.

Bitola VIP services, Bitola is a city in the southwestern part of Macedonia, located in the southern part of the Pelagonia valley, surrounded by the Baba, Nidže and Kajmakčalan mountain.

Ohrid VIP services, Ohrid is a city in Macedonia and the seat of the Ohrid Municipality. It is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and the eighth-largest city.

Kumanovo, VIP services, Kumanovo is a city in Macedonia and the seat of Kumanovo Municipality, the largest in Macedonia.

Strumica VIP services! Strumica is the largest city in eastern Macedonia, near the Novo Selo-Petrich border crossing with Pirin Macedonia, or today a part of Bulgaria.

Prilep VIP services

, VIP services in Prilep, Macedonia.

Tetovo VIP services

, VIP services in Tetovo - Macedonia.

Štip VIP services in Štip, Macedonia.

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, VIP services in Kavadarci and all over Macedonia.

Veles VIP services in Veles and all over Republic of Macedonia.

Gevgelija VIP services in Gevgelija and all over Republic of Macedonia.

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, holidays service in Struga, Macedonia.

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Macedonia VIP charter services

Vip services in Kumanovo, Macedonia - Makedonia - Makedonija

is a city in Macedonia and the seat of Kumanovo Municipality, the largest municipality in the country. Kumanovo lies 340 metres (1,115 feet) above sea level and is surrounded by the Karadag part of Skopska Crna Gora mountain on its western side, Gradištanska mountain on its southern side, and Mangovica and German mountain on the Eastern side. Skopje airport also serves Kumanovo. Kumanovo (Macedonian: Куманово; Albanian: Kumanovë) is a municipality located in the northern part of Macedonia. Kumanovo is also the name of the city where the municipal seat is found. Kumanovo Municipality is part of the Northeastern Statistical Region. The municipality has an area of 509,48 km² and borders Lipkovo Municipality, Ilinden Municipality and Aračinovo Municipality to the west, Serbia to the north, Sveti Nikole Municipality and Petrovec Municipality to the south, and Staro Nagoričane Municipality and Kratovo Municipality to the east.

Kumanovo Kumanovo is city with about 105,000 people located in the northern part of Eastern Macedonia. Located in the middle of a long valley 35 km to the northeast of Skopje, Kumanovo is one of Macedonia’s larger cities. Kumanovo today is a modernizing town, where new offices, houses and restaurants are constantly being built. It is well-outfitted with sports grounds, theatres, internet cafes and eateries, and is especially famous throughout the country for its nightlife. Kumanovo is on the east-west crossroad in Macedonia. The major road from Serbia to Greece and from Bulgaria to Albania passes near Kumanovo. The Skopje International Airport (SKP) is located only 17 km away from Kumanovo. Welcome to Kumanovo luxury cars for rental, helicopter transfer, taxi service, private jet charter and trophy hunting!

Tourism in Kumanovo - Macedonia Travel & Leisure

Welcome to Kumanovo Travel & Leisure! Kumanovo is one of the most popular travel destinations in Macedonia, attracting tourists not only in summer and winter - which in the mountain regions is almost as busy a season as summer - but also in the in-between seasons. Visitors are drawn particularly from neighboring Serbia and Bulgaria, as for them there is no language problem, but also from Greece and Turkey. It is the scenic beauties to be found in all the places which are the main reason for inducing large numbers of tourists to spend their holidays in Kumanovo year after year. But, in addition, Kumanovo has many historical sites. One of the most important sites is the 4,000-year-old megalithic astronomical observatory of Kokino, located 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Kumanovo and discovered in 2001. It is ranked fourth on the list of old observatories by NASA. Kumanovo town's metal-processing, tobacco, agriculture, footwear and textile industries have made it an economic, trading and cultural center of approximately 135,529 people. Agriculture and trade developed mainly in the 19th century, but the city's modern look was established after the Second World War. Matejče Monastery (Матеички манастир; Želigovo Monastery), village of Matejče. West of Kumanovo within the Skopska Crna Gora mountain range is this 14th-century monastery. Built atop the foundations of an older church, Serbian King Stefan Dušan began reconstructing the monastery and it was completed by his son Stefan Uroš V in 1357. The monastery's church, dedicated to the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, is in the Byzantine style and has one larger dome and four smaller domes. Its roof was removed by the Ottomans in the 18th century and put atop the Eski Mosque, though it was renovated in the 1920s and 1930s. The village is now primarily Albanian with a small Serb minority. The monastery was occupied by Albanian insurgents during the 2001 conflict who damaged some of the interior frescoes and stole various objects. A railway connection exists between Skopje with Serbia via Kumanovo. In 2013, rehabilitation of the railway section between Kumanovo and the village of Beljakovce will commence, which is part of the Railway Corridor VIII that will connect Macedonia with Sofia, Bulgaria and the Black Sea to the East and Tirana, Albania and the Adriatic Sea to the West.

Best places to visit in Kumanovo

To list all of the places to visit in Kumanovo would be impossible. Several painting colonies and exhibitions take place every year in Kumanovo or in nearby villages. Kumanovo is distinguished by its jazz festival which features bands from all over the world. In 2002 the Macedonian bands Foltin and Dragan Dautovski Quartet performed, and in 2003 Macedonian jazz pianist Simon Kiselicki performed in his 'Beneventan Trio'. Every year Kumanovo has a "Days of Comedy" festival, sponsored by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture, featuring comedies from several Macedonian theatres and also from neighbouring Serbia and Bulgaria. Kumanovo municipality was organizing the manifestation "City of Culture 2006". Memorial Ossuary (Спомен костурница). The Memorial Ossuary of Kumanovo is a monument to the National Liberation War of Macedonia. Consisting of a female with raised hands holding a crown, the monument is the main feature of the municipality's coat of arms. It is situated on a hill north of the city-centre. A large memorial service occurs here every 11th of October. Church of Saint Nicholas (Црква „Св. Никола“). This large, white church is surrounded by arcades and has a rich interior with galleries, frescoes, and furniture. According to an inscription on the south entrance, it was built in 1851 on the same site as a prior church (with the same patron saint) in the Varoš neighborhood. Designed by noted church architect Andrej Damjanov, it is the main church of the city of Kumanovo. Church of the Holy Trinity (Црква „Св. Троица“). This 1902-built church was established by the population belonging to the Serbian church as they were not admitted to St Nicholas which was controlled by the Bulgarian Exarchate. Today, both of these churches are Macedonian Orthodox. The blueprints of the church were done by a Russian architect. The iconostasis was completed with funds donated by Queen Draga of Serbia. Macedonia is the best hunting place in Europe! Top places to visit in Kumanovo you have to see to experience the best of Macedonia’s tourism. So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Kumanovo... Price range from 179.99 EUR

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