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Skopje VIP services, Skopje is the capital and largest city of Macedonia. It is the country's political, cultural, economic, and academic centre.

Bitola VIP services, Bitola is a city in the southwestern part of Macedonia, located in the southern part of the Pelagonia valley, surrounded by the Baba, Nidže and Kajmakčalan mountain ranges.

Ohrid VIP services, Ohrid is a city in Macedonia and the seat of the Ohrid Municipality. It is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and the eighth-largest city.

Kumanovo, VIP services, Kumanovo is a city in Macedonia and the seat of Kumanovo Municipality, the largest municipality in Republic of Macedonia.

Strumica VIP services! Strumica is the largest city in eastern Macedonia, near the Novo Selo-Petrich border crossing with Pirin Macedonia, or today a part of Bulgaria.

Prilep VIP services

, VIP services in Prilep and all over Macedonia.

Tetovo VIP services

, VIP services in Tetovo - Macedonia.

Štip VIP services in Štip - Republic of Macedonia.

Kavadarci VIP services

, VIP services in Kavadarci and all over Macedonia.

Veles VIP services in Veles and all over Republic of Macedonia.

Gevgelija VIP service in Gevgelija and all over Republic of Macedonia.

Struga VIP services

, holidays service in Struga, Macedonia.

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Macedonia VIP Services

Macedonia VIP charter services

Vip services in Macedonia - Makedonia - Makedonija - Македонија

(officially the Republic of Macedonia; Република Македонија), is a country in Southeast Europe. It gained independence in 1991 as one of the successor states of Yugoslavia. Macedonia is a landlocked country bordering with Republic of Serbia to the north (Autonomous Kosovo-Metohian Area of Serbia to the northwest), Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west. It constitutes approximately the northern third of the larger geographical region of Macedonia. Skopje, the capital and largest city, is home to a quarter of the country's 2.06 million population. Tourism plays a significant role in the economy of Macedonia accounting for 6.7% of its GDP in 2016. The annual income from tourism was estimated at 38.5 billion denars (€616 million) in that year. Following its independence, the most serious negative impact on tourism performance occurred due to the armed conflicts taking place in 2001. The number of foreign visitors has been on the rise since, with a 14.6% increase in 2011. In 2019, Macedonia received over 1,180,000 tourist arrivals out of which over 750,000 foreign. Most numerous are tourists from Turkey, neighboring Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria, Poland and other countries of Western Europe. The biggest bulk of tourists, approximately 60% of the million tourists that visited the country in 2017, was situated in Skopje and the southwestern region of the country. The most significant tourism branches are lake tourism as there are three lakes in Ohrid, Prespa and Dojran and over 50 small glacial lakes of variable sizes, mountainous tourism as there are 16 mountains higher than 2,000 metres. Other forms of tourism also include rural and ecotourism, city tourism and cultural tourism, represented through gastronomy, traditional music, cultural celebrations and cultural heritage sites.

In Macedonia there are 34 cities, of which 5 have population of over 50,000 and 12 towns with population of under 10,000 people. The capital city, Skopje, is home to around 25% of the total population of the country. As of 2002, 59.5% of the population lived in urban areas. Twelve towns in Macedonia have population under 10,000: Demir Hisar (2,593), Pehčevo (3,237), Demir Kapija (3,275), Makedonski Brod (3,740), Valandovo (4,402), Makedonska Kamenica (5,147), Kruševo (5,330), Bogdanci (6,011), Kratovo (6,924), Berovo (7,002), Probištip (8,714) and Resen (8,748). These towns are officially called "cities", but they are often called as "small towns" (гратчиња, gratčinja), because of the size of the population. In Macedonia there are only 5 cities with population of over 50,000: Skopje (506,926), Bitola (74,550), Kumanovo (70,842), Prilep (66,246) and Tetovo (52,915). These are the largest cities in the country. Seventeen towns in Macedonia have population between 10,000 and 50,000: Veles (43,716), Štip (43,652), Ohrid (42,033), Gostivar (35,847), Strumica (35,311), Kavadarci (29,188), Kočani (28,330), Kičevo (27,067), Struga (16,559), Radoviš (16,223), Gevgelija (15,685), Debar (14,561), Kriva Palanka (14,558), Sveti Nikole (13,746), Negotino (13,284), Delčevo (11,500) and Vinica (10,863). These towns are often referred to as "cities of medium size". A hunting trip in Macedonia is an experience one will never forget. We offer private jet chartering from and to Skopje and Ohrid airports: Rome (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Paris (France) and Moscow (Russia). Welcome to Macedonia luxury cars for rental, helicopter transfer, taxi service, private jet charter and trophy hunting!

Tourism in Macedonia - Travel & Leisure

Welcome to Macedonia Travel & Leisure! Macedonia is one of the most popular hunting destinations in Europe, attracting tourists not only in summer and winter - which in the mountain regions is almost as busy a season as summer - but also in the in-between seasons. Visitors are drawn particularly from neighboring Serbia and Bulgaria, as for them there is no language problem, Serbia and Bulgaria, as for them there is no language problem, but also from Greece and Turkey. It is the scenic beauties to be found in all the places which are the main reason for inducing large numbers of tourists to spend their holidays in Macedonia year after year. But, in addition, Skopje, the historic capital and the birthplace of Justinian I (Eastern Roman emperor from 527 to 565) and Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, beautiful city of Bitola, Strumica, Kumanovo, Ohrid, Prilep, Tetovo, Stip, Kavadarci, Veles, Kavadarci, Struga, Ohrid (birthplace of Clemens Achridensis)... are among the most popular tourist attractions the country has to offer. Macedonia is situated in the south-east of Central Europe. The terrain is mostly rugged, located between the Šar Mountains and Osogovo, which frame the valley of the Vardar river. Three large lakes — Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa and Dojran Lake — lie on the southern borders, bisected by the frontiers with Albania and Greece. Ohrid is considered to be one of the oldest lakes and biotopes in the world. Macedonia has a unique climate explained by its location and topography. The climate of the plains is a Mediterranean climate combined with the influence of the Black Sea. The country also holds continental characteristics, which are accentuated by the mountains in the south which prevent hot air from the south from moving to the north. Conversely, the Šar Mountains, which are located in the northwestern part, block cold northern winds. In whole, the northern and western parts of the country are relatively close to a Continental climate and the southern and eastern to a Mediterranean climate. Macedonia also has scenic mountains. They belong to two different mountain ranges: the first is the Šar Mountains that continues to the West Vardar/Pelagonia group of mountains (Baba Mountain, Nidže, Kozuf and Jakupica), also known as the Dinaric range. The second range is the Osogovo–Belasica mountain chain, also known as the Rhodope range. The mountains belonging to the Šar Mountains and the West Vardar/Pelagonia range are younger and higher than the older mountains that are part of the Osogovo-Belasica mountain group.

Best places to visit in Macedonia

To list all of the places to visit in Macedonia would be impossible. This is a spectacular land of beauty with an endless variety of landscapes. From rugged snow-capped mountains to white ski resorts and turquoise lake waters, Macedonia can satisfy every traveler’s needs. Hidden away from popular travel routes, Macedonia is located at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula. Arriving in Macedonia, you’ll first find yourself in Skopje. Skopje is the biggest administrative and business hub. The biggest airport is located just outside the city of Skopje, and both the biggest railway and bus stations are minutes away from the centre. Needless to say, this city is the opening gate to Macedonia and a proper attraction by itself. Skopje is an eclectic mix between the modern and the old, bearing witness to a colourful cultural influence throughout the centuries. Being part of Southeastern Europe, it has seen a garden variety of conflicts between nations and empires, radically shaping along. Make sure to visit the Kale Fortress, the Old Bazar, the town square, and the new architectural undertake spreading along the river Vardar. Canyon Matka confirms this pattern more than any other place. Macedonia is the perfect stage where breathtaking nature and religious heritage wed together. Following the main highway from Skopje to Pirlep, you can park near the village of Belovodica and head up the mountain for a short hike. Thirty minutes in, and you’ll arrive at your destination. What lies ahead is a spectacle to behold. A grand amphitheatre, carved out of white marble, towering over a crystal blue pocket of water. While we recommend Sopot, most of the others will do a fine job as well, reminding of the Old Macedonian vineyard. Here you can taste all sorts of Macedonian wines, and enjoy the golden sunset while gazing over a field of grapes. Other notable Wineries include Tikvesh, Stobi and Popova Kula. Most of which are within close proximity to one another, and relatively near the town of Prilep. Located deep within the national park, the village of Mavrovo rests right next to a beautiful lake. Here you can taste traditional Macedonian food, farm to table, and gaze at postcard worthy panoramic views. The sunken church is an attraction in and of itself, and if you catch low tides you can even walk inside and explore the interior. Berovo is the air spa of Macedonia. Hidden deep within a dense pine forest, it is close to one of the most picturesque lakes you’ll ever find. Known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans, Ohrid was home to 365 churches. Filled with different monuments of the Macedonian religious past, it is still the spiritual centre of the country. The town is especially charming and vibrant, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy beach life on the Ohrid Lake. Monastery of Saint Naum! As the frosting on the cake, this monastery complex is one of the most captivating destinations that you’ll ever discover. Give yourself another 15 minutes following the road from Ohrid to the Bay of Bones, and you’ll pay lip service to this place for years on end... Top places to visit in Macedonia you have to see to experience the best of Macedonia’s tourism. So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Macedonia... Price range from 179.99 EUR

Macedonia VIP services
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Skopje, Petrovec 1043; Macedonia

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