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Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece.

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Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese.

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Samos VIP Services
Samos VIP charter services

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is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, separated from Turkey by the mile-wide Mycale Strait. It was the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras and philosopher Epicurus, and is known for producing sweet Muscat wine. On the southeast coast, the remains of the ancient port of Pythagoreion include the underground Eupalinian aqueduct, built in the 6th century B.C. According to legend, the goddess Hera was also born on Samos. The Heraion is a ruined Ionian temple complex dedicated to Hera, dating to the 8th century B.C. In the capital, Vathi, the Archaeological Museum houses relics from the 2 ancient sites. The island’s mountainous interior draws hikers. Herons, pelicans and flamingos can be seen at Glyfada Lake. Sand and pebble beaches line the coast, from family-friendly Gagou and Agia Paraskevi to Livadaki, known for summer beach parties, and isolated western coves accessible only by boat.

Samos (Greek: Σάμος) is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6-kilometre (1.0 mi)-wide Mycale Strait. It is also a separate regional unit of the North Aegean region, and the only municipality of the regional unit. In ancient times Samos was an especially rich and powerful city-state, particularly known for its vineyards and wine production. It is home to Pythagoreion and the Heraion of Samos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Eupalinian aqueduct, a marvel of ancient engineering. Samos is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, after whom the Pythagorean theorem is named, the philosopher Epicurus, and the astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, the first known individual to propose that the Earth revolves around the sun. Samian wine was well known in antiquity, and is still produced on the island. Private jet chartering, helicopter transfer flight, motor yacht & catamaran charter, luxury cars rental - hire are also availible to or from Samos, welcome to Greece VIP services!

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Welcome to Samos, Greece! Samos island is a very popular tourist destination. Tourism is the main industry in Samos, the island's beaches being the primary attraction. The main port and population centre on the island, Samos town, is also the tourist and cultural centre, with whitewashed buildings including many hotels, restaurants and a number of nightclubs forming the Samos town "barstreet". Being a Greek island, the economy of Samos has close relationship with the sea. However, with the rise of tourism, it plays a minor role during summer. The area of the island is 477.395 km2 (184.3 sq mi), and it is 43 km (27 mi) long and 13 km (8 mi) wide. It is separated from Anatolia by the approximately 1-mile-wide (1.6 km) Mycale Strait. While largely mountainous, Samos has several relatively large and fertile plains. A great portion of the island is covered with vineyards, from which muscat wine is made. The most important plains except the capital, Vathy, in the northeast, are that of Karlovasi, in the northwest, Pythagoreio, in the southeast, and Marathokampos in the southwest. The island's population is 33,814, which is the 9th most populous of the Greek islands. The Samian climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild rainy winters, and warm rainless summers. Samos is one of the sunniest places in Europe with almost 3300 hours of sunshine annually or 74% of the day time. Private jet chartering, helicopter transfer flight, motor yacht & catamaran charter, luxury cars rental - hire ... in Samos - Greece VIP service!

Best places to visit in Samos

The Island of Samos is just the right place you've been looking for. A place where the tourist feels more like a guest and has the opportunity to discover many values and traditions the mass tourism has driven away from other places. The rich Samos history, the various monuments and the crystal-clear beaches are just few of the things that make Samos unique among other islands. Samos offers a great variety of beaches, ranging from cosmopolitan sandy beaches which offer full services, to isolated lagoons where one can enjoy the primitive beauty of the Aegean sea and sun. Samos beaches are famous all over the world for their golden sand and crystal waters. As this is among the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, most Samos beaches are organized with many tourist facilities, from seaside accommodation to beach bars, restaurants, and water sports centers. The best-organized beaches in Samos are found on the southern coast, which gets extremely overcrowded during peak season. The Samian economy depends mainly on agriculture and the tourist industry which has been growing steadily since the early 1980s. The main agricultural products include grapes, honey, olives, olive oil, citrus fruit, dried figs, almonds and flowers. The Muscat grape is the main crop used for wine production. Samian wine is also exported under several other appellations. Samos (Greek: Σάμος, before 1958: Λιμήν Βαθέος - Limin Vatheos) is a port town on the island of Samos in Greece. It is the capital of the municipality of Samos. It is also known as Kato Vathy (Κάτω Βαθύ), referring to its location below Vathy. The Heraion of Samos was a large sanctuary to the goddess Hera, on the island of Samos, Greece, 6 km southwest of the ancient city of Samos, in the low, marshy basin of the Imbrasos river, near where it enters the sea. Tsamadou Beach (Greek Τσαμαδού) is one of the most famous organized beaches of Samos, with crystal clear turquoise water located about 3 km from Kokkari. Seitani beach it's outstanding natural beauty with crystal clear, deep blue water, It is an undeclared nudist beach.

Top places to visit in Samos you have to see to experience the best of Greece’s tourism. So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Samos Greece...

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