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Welcome to Verona - Italy VIP services

Welcome to Verona - Italy VIP services

is a city in northern Italy’s Veneto region, with a medieval old town built between the meandering Adige River. It’s famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet." A 14th-century residence with a tiny balcony overlooking a courtyard is said be “Juliet’s House." The Verona Arena is a huge 1st-century Roman amphitheater, which currently hosts concerts and large-scale opera performances.

Verona (Venetian: Verona or Veròna; German: Bern, Welschbern, or Dietrichsbern) is a city on the Adige river in Veneto, Italy, with about 260,000 inhabitants. It is one of the seven provincial capitals of the region. It is the second largest city municipality in the region and the third largest in northeast Italy. The metropolitan area of Verona covers an area of 1,426 km2 (550.58 sq mi) and has a population of over 710,000 inhabitants. It is one of the main tourist destinations in northern Italy because of its artistic heritage and several annual fairs, shows, and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater. The city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture.

Verona Airport is located 10 km (6.2 mi) southwest of Verona. It handles around 3 million passengers per year. It is linked to Porta Nuova railway station by a frequent bus service. There are direct flights between Verona and Rome Fiumicino, Munich, Berlin, Moscow, Naples, Frankfurt, Catania, Paris Charles De Gaulle, London Gatwick, Dublin, Palermo,Cork, Manchester, Vienna Schwechat, Liverpool and Cagliari among others. Verona helicopter tour price starts from 1900 EUR for 5 travelers. Verona airports offering private jet charter flights and helicopter transfer services.

Tourism in Verona, Italy

Verona is for lovers, especially for lovers of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here, travelers can see the house where the Juliet who inspired the play was born; they can see the tomb where she is buried and in-between they can visit the church where Shakespeare married off the ill-fated couple. But Verona is much more than a play about star-crossed lovers. Tourist attractions in Verona include majestic cathedrals, important palazzos, castles, ancient Roman bridge and one of the most magnificent Italian Renaissance gardens in Italy. This northern Italian town is, indeed, a charmer filled with Roman ruins and Gothic buildings. As the Bard himself might have said, “hie thee to Verona.”

Best places to visit in Verona

In the days of the ancient Romans, Porta Borsari was the gate through which travelers entered the city of Verona. It also was the point where these travelers paid a tax to enter and leave the city; Low hedges neatly trimmed into symmetrical shapes are interspersed with tall slender trees, fountains, grottoes that echo and statues at the Giardino Giusti. This 16th century garden is an awesome sight to behold; Piazza dei Signori is a key square in Verona’s historic center that is surrounded by notable buildings, including the palazzos of Ragione and Consignorio, and the Church of Santa Maria Antica. In the beginning, it served as Verona’s political and administrative hub; Simple is in the eye of the beholder, but simple can get complicated when it is applied to the Duomo di Verona. The white and rose marble exterior is Romanesque, so it is simpler than many other major cathedrals. It features a clock over the front entrance; Basilica di San Zeno Maggior isn’t the biggest or the most important Catholic church in Verona, but it may be the most visited. Its crypt is where, according to Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet were married; Piazza delle Erbe has been around since the days of the ancient Romans when it served as a forum complete with chariot races; Not too many travelers can say they attended an event at a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheatre, but visitors to Verona can. This open-air amphitheatre, the third largest in Italy, has been a venue for events since the year 30...

So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Verona, Italy!

Welcome to Verona, Italy VIP services

Verona, Italy VIP services
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Welcome to Verona, Italy

Welcome to Verona - Italy
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