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Welcome to Genoa - Italy VIP services

Welcome to Genoa - Italy VIP services

(Genova) is a port city and the capital of northwest Italy's Liguria region. It's known for its central role in maritime trade over many centuries. In the old town stands the Romanesque Cathedral of San Lorenzo, with its black-and-white-striped facade and frescoed interior. Narrow lanes open onto monumental squares like Piazza de Ferrari, site of an iconic bronze fountain and Teatro Carlo Felice opera house.

Genoa (Italian: Genova; Ligurian: Zêna; English, historically, and Latin: Genua) is the capital of the Italian region of Liguria and the sixth-largest city in . About 600,000 people lived within the city's administrative limits. As of the 2011 Italian census, the Province of Genoa, which in 2015 became the Metropolitan City of Genoa, counted over 855,000 resident persons. Over 1.5 million people live in the wider metropolitan area stretching along the Italian Riviera.

Several cruise and ferry lines serve the passenger terminals in the old port, with a traffic of 3.2 million passengers in 2007. MSC Cruises chose Genoa as one of its main home ports, in competition with the Genoese company Costa Cruises, which moved its home port to Savona. The Airport of Genoa (IATA: GOA, ICAO: LIMJ) is built on an artificial peninsula, 4 NM (7.4 km; 4.6 mi) west of the city. The airport is currently operated by Aeroporto di Genova S.P.A., which has recently upgraded the airport complex, that now connects Genoa with several daily flights to Rome, Naples, Paris, London, Madrid and Munich. In 2008, 1,202,168 passengers travelled through the airport, with an increase of international destinations and charter flights. Genoa airport offering private jet charter flights and helicopter transfer services.

Tourism in Genoa, Italy

Genoa (Genóva in Italian) is Italy's leading port, with a long history of maritime power that began when it defeated rival Pisa in the 10th century. The riches that flowed into the city in the 16th and 17th centuries still show in the marble palaces that earned it the nickname of La Superba. These old noble palaces, more numerous and splendid here than in any other place in Italy, are the city's most important tourist attractions. Along the waterfront, in the tangle of steep streets and lanes of the old sailors' quarter, fanning up from the Porto Vecchio (old harbor), you gain a sense of what the city must have felt like at the height of its sea power. The sea has always played a major role in the life of Genoa, and today many of its most popular tourist attractions and things to do are at the harbor. If you have time, visit the streets and squares near Piazza de Ferrari - Piazza Matteotti, via Dante, and Via XX Settembre. But remember: things that look close on the map may be a long climb apart. Genoa is a vertical city, rising abruptly from the arc of its harbor to the lower slopes of the Apennine mountains. You cannot simply drive across town - its various segments are linked by five road tunnels and high bridges.

Best places to visit in Genoa

The largest aquarium in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, Genoa's is part of a massive waterfront "Edutainment" center that could take days to explore fully. From Piazza Matteotti, the busy Via San Lorenzo runs northwest to the harbor. You can't miss the dramatic Cathedral of San Lorenzo, built originally as a Romanesque basilica in the 1100s, remodeled in Gothic style in 1307, and finished off with a Renaissance dome in 1557. The highlight of Piazza Matteotti is the Jesuit church of Santi Ambrogio e Andrea, built 1588-1637 by the Renaissance architect and artist Domenico Tibaldi (1541-1583). To many, this is the most beautiful church interior in Genoa. There is evidence that Castello Hill is one of the most ancient sites in Genoa, in use when the early tribes traded with the Phoenicians and Etruscans...

So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Genoa, Italy!

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